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2021 Reader Favorites!

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I've never gone back to see which items I shared that you guys have loved...until now! It was a really fun exercise and will be helpful for me to share things that resonate this year. I'm going to get right to it with the top 10 things you guys purchased (note, the Amazon data is not easily available but I did include the one item that shows up every time I get a report!)


The Girls' Rug.

This was no surprise! I've had SO many inquiries about this rug and I absolutely love it. If anything, I don't share it enough. ha.

2. Thyme and Table Dishes.

This was a surprise! I bought these and this set, but ended up keeping the latter (pictured). But clearly you guys liked them and I don't blame you. 

3. Red Dress

I'm blushing. You thought I was so cute that you had to have it. ok Kidding, but this is a gooood one and the price cannot be beat. Christmas might be over but it comes in black. aaayoooo. Oh and the free assembly line in general is a favorite of mine! 

4. Girls' Quilt

You'll find that this list is half items from the girls' room (thanks Pinterest) but I ain't mad at it. They are lovely and have held up well. Their sheets and this throw were high on the list too! I JUST saw that the quilt has been clearanced out. boo! This is a similar vibe (love it so much) and I just grabbed this for Genevieve's room and it is downright darling.

5. Rattan Dining Chairs

This one was confusing because it seems they're never in stock. But they are [chefs kiss] and make my dining room.

Office Nook Sources

6. Office Nook Chairs

The kids love these and so do I. Glad you guys do too!

7. Spray and Wash

This was hilarious to me but I'm sharing because I absolutely do love it and there's almost nothing it can't get out. Add it to your cart. go ahead. It's saved in my "favorite things" highlight which I guess gets some action. ha.

8. Dax's cubby storage

This was such a great solution for us. I love that it's practical but also easy on the eyes. The legs elevate it too! like figuratively. 

9. Girls' lamp

For over a year I have fought the urge to buy another so I get it. It's a touch lamp with 3 settings for brightness. It's pretty. It's inexpensive. And it's durable. Hm. maybe I do need another. PS- this is a very similar in stock option!

10. Girls' curtains

I told you the girls' room dominates this list. ha. These come in a bunch of colors and honestly stole the show in the girls' room!

Have you snagged anything on this list? Here's to finding items that make our home reflect us and more functional in 2022!

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