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How Much Did It Cost?

7:00 AM

"How much did you save?" was a question I got on my recent reel about Genevieve's DIY channel tufted headboard. And the answer was...complicated. I started with "This wasn't a cheap DIY..." Sometimes DIY is about saving money- if I'm being honest, most of the time that's it, over here. But often it can be about getting something custom that you can't find elsewhere. And I'd argue that if it's that custom, it probably would cost more to buy than to DIY! Or am I just justifying it? Either way, here's what Genevieve's DIY channel headboard cost and some similar options to compare OR to shop if you'd rather just buy one!

Fabric- $192. For a smaller headboard (ours was 9 1/2' wide) the cost could be less. I also have leftovers that I may make a bed skirt with!


Wood- $35

Batting- $42

Metal Straps- $16

Total: $446

Is that a small number for a DIY? No. You could find an an inexpensive pink velvet headboard (like this one) for less than half that. But for something so large, with high quality fabric, that almost serves as a wall treatment, I'm ok with it.

If you'd rather just buy a pink velvet headboard, here are some I really love!

Modway Velvet Headboard. $137. 29

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