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Wallpaper Decisions and 2022 Renovation Plans!

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Did I want to get this post written in January? Yes, yes I did. But better late than never right?! I figured it would be fun to bring you guys along a big picture plan for our renovations this year and if I'm being honest, provide some accountability for me/us too! Here's an overview of what we have left to do in our home and what our priorities will be for the year. Plus I chose a wallpaper- we'll get to that too. ;) 

Things are always influx over here but here are the rooms that we plan to change over the next year or so.

Rooms that will shift

Girls' room sources are here and here

The girls' room will become Nadia's room so it'll need a new bed which means I should just go ahead and refresh it right? ;) I ordered this one and I'm excited for it to arrive!

The playroom will likely become more of a hangout room.

Our primary suite bath got a plan (here) that I never executed. oops.

*The loft, while finished, needs to be brightened up a tad. I love the wall color and I adore the rug but after living with both for 8 months, I think a new rug will do a lot to brighten up the space while maintaining the cozy feel we love.

Genevieve's new room-  phase 1 is complete- we're working on phase 2! 

Rooms that are scary:

The entry

Joe's office

The laundry room

The guest bath (ok not scary, but never felt right to us)

2022 Plans:

I'd love to just tackle it all but if I'm being realistic, here's what I think we'll get to this year:


It's that trendy shade of gray from 2012 and I'm over it. I'd really love to focus on function here. We've tried a bench and a console but whatever we do, it's always lacked intentional design. This is a space where the advice to design according to how you actually live, comes into play. For years we've tried to use the garage entrance but 90% of the time we use the front door. So hooks or a coat rack will be necessary. A new front door would be a dream! I've yet to draw up a plan but it will definitely include furnishings and drumroll please... wallpaper! Guys, I chose a wallpaper and it's going in the entry! It's a long story but the short version is that grasscloth is a fragile paper and the one I  chose is very light. My kids use the guest bathroom often and after thinking it through, the thought of blue toothpaste splattered across the paper wouldn't leave my psyche. And so I pivoted. While the entry isn't low traffic, it's a pass through so we we don't spend a lot of time there nor is there toothpaste or pee scattered about (little boys, #amIright).

If you missed it, I rounded up my favorite spoonflower wallpapers here:

Shop them here and bonus- they're currently 20% off and come in grasscloth, peel & stick, pre-pasted, and non-pasted.

Joe's office.

Why didn't we at least do a phase 1?! Right now the room includes a desk from Target that we've had for 12 years and an office chair we legit got off of someone's garbage pile (guys I'm keepin it 100 right now- don't judge). This year we finally admitted that we might not be ready in terms of budget or energy to completely renovate the space but it desperately needs a phase 1. I think that will look like a new desk and chair, paint, a rug (I ordered this one the moment it was launched!), curtains/hardware, and art. Later we'd probably add trim and/or built-ins and at that point possibly refine whatever furniture choices we've made. 

Primary Room and Bath, Genevieve's room, and Loft

Similar Table  |  Rug  |  Quilt  |  Sheets

These all go together as they really just need some focused attention to get to complete! They're all so close. You've already seen the plans for them (Genevieve's design board is hidden at the bottom of this post). I also ordered a few things my bedroom- these nightstands and did you catch this mirror in Instagram stories?- to help push it toward done!

Guest Bath

Bathroom Sources here

This one is a maybe guys... I'd love a wall treatment and all new everything. Our pedestal sink has a crack in it and if you would've told 20-someting me that 40-something me would put "new toilet" on her Christmas list, 20-something me would've laughed hysterically while patting her six-pack abs, but here we are (abs nowhere to be found). Our floors are laminate and getting destroyed by water (the kids often get ready in this bath in the mornings) so tile would be nice too! But we've never tackled a bathroom before, it's a big project, we have busy lives and 3 kids and we're halfway through February. yikes. All that to say, it's the last priority but hey maybe if we get to September and it's not done I'll at least give it a fresh coat of paint. How's that for hedging my bet? 

So that's the plan! I also had a loose goal to tackle every closet in the house this year too. I'll just throw that in here at the end for the readers who are my people and still here. I'll be the most honest influencer in the world and say sometimes a great opportunity presents itself and the list goes out the window as you scramble to figure how how to say  YES to a brand you're dying to work with. It's ideal when your priorities line up perfectly with your opportunities but it doesn't always work that way [insert shoulder shrug emoji]. So stay tuned this year to see what we are able to mark off this list! It should be a fun, ableit, practical ride. Which kind of sums up my life. ha!

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