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2023 Gift Guide for Her!

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Usually this is the easiest list for me but for some reason I had to dig deep! I researched some top gifts but also thought about the things I have and love and the things I'd love to have and here's what I came up with- Here are 2023's gift ideas for her!

Striped Retro Novelty Socks. $16.79. I'm not waiting for Joe to buy me these cutie socks. They're in my cart. Ha. And ICYMI, the socks I shared in stories the other day are a great gift option too!

Women's Open Toe Slipper with Cozy Lining. $22.79. Pair with the cute socks above for ultimate coziness.

Dream Cooker. $225. Have you ever seen a more beautiful crockpot?! Disclaimer: proceed with caution when gifting appliances, but if the recipient cooks, loves finding the pretty version of ugly things, and always has the latest viral Instagram product, you're safe. 

Poppy & Pout All Natural Lip Tint. $69.95. I'm having a "Why don't I have any Poppy & Pout?" moment. Love the subtle shades, natural ingredients, and sustainable packaging. I also think this would make the most fun gift!

Satin Beige Pajamas. $56.99. My favorite pajamas are from here and also satin. They're incredibly comfortable while somehow still being pretty and even sexy if you skip the pants. ;)

Shani Darden Retinol Reform. $88. I bought this for myself once and loved it. It's so gentle yet effective. I had a hard time continuing to justify it (I use this) but I'd love it as a gift. hint, hint Joe. You could also buy the mini version as a gift or stocking stuffer!

Kate Huggie. $84. The PERFECT everyday earring. I had them and lost one but I love them so much I just may buy another pair. Plus it's a collab with the most lovely lady, Kate (@k8smallthings).

Vivienne Maroon Wallicase. $45.99. This is just so classy. Love the color and texture. 

"Vintage" Genuine Leather Tote. $51.99. Have and LOVE. I can't believe the price for the quality. 

Orolay Women's Down Jacket. $89.99. This jacket is incredibly warm, cozy, and cute! The quality is amazing and it's one my favorite amazon purchases to date! Don't sleep on this price!

Luxe Faux Fur Blanket. $138. This blanket has made its way to every gift guide I've curated this year. ha. I think I want it. I love woven blankets but nothing beats a soft and heavy faux fur. I also love this lower priced option!!

La Jolie Muse Candle. $22.48. I love this candle brand! Pretty and they smell great. Pair with the next gift to make it extra special.

Candle Warmer Lamp. $49.95. The no-stress way to burn a candle, plus it's beautiful!

See THIS COLLECTION for more of my curated gift ideas!

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