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2023 Gift Ideas for Teens Part II

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Every teen boy mom I've chatted about gifts with has said the same thing- teen boys are so hard to shop for! My girlfriend said it best "He probably wants 6 gift boxes with $100 in each of them." Ha! I mean that's not a bad idea but if you want to have a little more fun than that (and spend a little less) check out my gift guide for teen boys!

Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun. $129.99. Almost 4000 reviews and the uses are endless- motorcycle training, baseball/softball pitches, tennis or pickleball serve, running, or seeing how fast a nearby train approaches. Why does it seem so fun to use? Ha.

Carhartt Beanie. $24.99. I love it when cute stuff is also trending. Honestly your teen daughter might want this one too-  it comes in so many fun colors!

Lifting Straps. $13.95. If he's a gym rat, he'll love these (says my sister-in-law who has 2 teen/young adult boys). Comes in 10 colors. She's also purchased free weights and my other sister-in-law (also has 2 sons, 12 and 17) recommends a pull up bar like this.

Snack Box. $28.95. We gifted this to our nephews (mentioned above) and it was a huge hit! I especially love it as a gift to send in the mail (straight from Amazon obvi). Everyone's home for the holidays which means it's a gift for the teens/kids and a gift for mama.  Also,  I love consumable gifts because most of us don't need more stuff. ha.

Air Jordan Mid SE. $135. Cool kicks are always on lists over here. He'll love these classic sneakers. 

Nike Socks. $26. Nike socks are the best socks. Periodt.

Every Man Grooming Essentials. $36.99. He finally cares about how he smells. Embrace it.

Air Pods. $229. Are these low hanging fruit? Yes. Does your teen want them? Also yes.

Carhartt Men's Hoodie. $65.69. Another nephew approved item. It comes in a few colors and I kinda want one for myself. 

Ergonomic Gaming and Computer Chair. $139.99. Don't forget to click the coupon. This chair does it all! It comes in a bunch of colors but since he doesn't really care you might as well get a color you like. Buuuut, there's an ivory one and a pink one too!

Gaming gift cards (fortnite and madden). I love grabbing a gift that gets used up and enhances something they already have! win/win.

Everlast Heavy Bag. $82.19. We got this for Dax admittedly too early but I think a teenager would really like it. It's much more satisfying than punching a pillow and WAY more acceptable than punching his little brother.

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