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An Ode to my Mama on Her Birthday.

8:00 AM

You know I adore you and yet there's no way I could put into words just how much you've impacted my life and how much I hope to be the kind of mother you are. Here are some words that best define you and our relationship.

I'm so honored and blessed to have a friend in you.

You always seem impressed with me but I am only who I am because of YOU.

You always lift my spirits and encourage me not to be so hard on myself.

You've been through a lot.  But you're still radiant.

Oh how I hope I honor you.  You deserve it. .

It's your fault I feel the need to be cute every holiday. Winky face.

So much :)

Inside and out. I'm starting to get nervous that I'm going to look older than you at some point! 

This character trait never ceases to amaze me.  You live to love.

You are the ultimate caretaker and mother-er.  I remember you taking care of Joe after he had his hand surgery (I don't even think we were dating at that time!) and so many other memories of you wiping our heads with cool towels when we were sick. Just being there to try to ease our pain.

and lovely.

Spiritual Legacy.
You introduced our family to the Lord and for that we are ever grateful.  It changed the course of our lives.  You might think it wasn't enough but I always think if not for you, where would we be?  any of us?  Alysia said it best: "Grandma is the glue that holds our family together." Thank you!

Working mama.
In this stage of my life, I have come to realize there are mamas and working mamas! You come over and you are sweeping, cooking, organizing. If I'm overwhelmed, you jump right in.  You craft your heart out with me during party time.  Even at 1:00 am.  You are a worker bee.  I hope I'm as much a help to my girls as you are to me.

And most of all: Example.
Of how to love and sacrifice for those I love.  Of how to take care of myself, take care of my family, and take care of my home.  Of how to be Love the Lord and be devoted to Him. Of how to love others unconditionally.  Of how to rock an Afro and be fierce.

I love you lady.  Happy Birthday!

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