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Sharing our Pregnancy News with the Family.

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Does anyone else stress about telling your family the big news?!  I really wanted to do something special. With it being our final pregnancy and having a few "failed" (or at the very least, anti-climactic) attempts, the pressure was on. And I must say I was motivated by my friend Jessica's adorable announcement method (see it here).  
In the Past...
I don't know what other people do but of course I like everything to be cute.  We've gone the old fashioned route (you know-- just telling people) to the T-shirt route.  And I'm not gonna lie; I sometimes long for a simpler time.  A time when I was satisfied with putting a cute but simple t-shirt on Genevieve, throwing her on dad's lap, and taking a so-so picture of the set up.  No fancy backdrops, handmade rustic chalkboard signs, or any other bells or whistles required.  (You can see that here and read about one seriously failed attempt to share the news with my TX family!)

While I really wanted to incorporate the kids, I was just too sick and exhausted to even imagine wrangling, cajoling, and bribing them.  (You don't think these pictures just happened do you?!).  I kept putting it off waiting for energy, inspiration, or my fairy Godmother to strike (you know- because she'd not only put my kids under a magical spell to get them to behave but also take the photos for me) but none did.  
What We Did:
Finally I decided to just find a cute Valentine's Day card and change the wording a bit to turn it into a pregnancy announcement.  I took a faceless picture after church (so I wouldn't have to worry about a cute facial expression or get dressed for no reason--this is the first trimester people!) holding the sonogram picture. At first when comparing it to a more elaborate "photo shoot" it seemed boring but when the actual cards came, I really loved them! I loved that they said "happy day" so they spoke to the happy day of finding out we were expecting.  I highly recommend Paige Simple products! They are high quality and Kristin was great to work with.

I loved this method of sharing the news! We mailed the cards to family out of state, I emailed the card to friends, and I gave one to my parents-in-law in person.  Such fun! I like that it's not as subtle as waiting for people to notice your child wearing a t-shirt (though I still think that's a really cute idea!) and I always look for excuses to send fun mail.  I even made pink and blue confetti for some of them (only some of them.  Yes, I got lazy. Again--first trimester) to put in the envelopes.  It was fun waiting for the phone calls to roll in. Word of caution- if you mail cards, maybe write a note on them (on one we wrote, "call before opening").  One important person didn't open it right away and may or may not have found out the news via my Facebook announcement.  Oops.

Happy Day Valentine's Day Card- Paige Simple Studio.

How did you share the news with your families?

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