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Nadia's "Chapter 2" Book Themed Party: Decor + Favors.

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I'm determined to share the rest of Nadia's party with you before her next birthday.  I know-- I'm super ambitious.  This is the 2nd to final post on one of my favorite parts of the party: decorations.  I love balloons and streamers as much as the next mom but I go gaga over DIY projects, crafts, and party trends.  So here goes:
First up, the favors.  Forever ago I re-pinned an image of a book wrapped in kraft paper.  This was long before I decided to throw a book party but the minute I made the decision, I knew I'd give real books as favors.  Warning: wrapping all of these books took way longer than I thought it would! But I loved the end result.  

The glasses were such a fun (and last minute) find!  I got them from Target's $1 section.  And by "Target" I mean the three Target stores in my area to get as many as I could.  I'm crazy like that.  Or have too much time on my hands. Or am extremely detail oriented.  Yeah, I like that last one. The black thick rimmed glasses were another awesome find. I got them from Claire's online for less than $3 each. And they looked so cute on every kid (of course I didn't get a picture of Nadia in them which makes me sad!).  

 All of this fun wrapping/embellishment was really fun.  At first.  

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect library card!  And I happened upon the fun stamps at Target on clearance.  I love "remember this" and "this was rad." I know it's wishful thinking but I hope at least a few kids saved them to use as bookmarks. We did!

Party Decor:
Banners. Balloons. Poms. Oh my.

I was obsessed with this adorable banner using Nadia's 2 year old photos and water balloons.  

The background of this banner is the text from a Dr. Seuss book.  

Just a simple book page banner made with a dollar store book and card stock I owned already.

These pinwheels were so fun, cheap, and easy.  That might be why I made like 50 of them.

See?  I used them for centerpieces, on the dessert buffet in pretty milk vases, and any area that needed a little party color scheme love.  

The backdrop was a labor of love.  I kept planning and re-planning.  In the end this picture of Nadia was so perfect it made my decision for me.  I used fabric I had on hand and a frame I already had on hand. The banner is made of book pages layered with card stock.  It's a good ol' handmade banner like I used to make before I tried to get all fancy up in here.  

Loved the book page wreath and poms (one of which was re-used).

This was my first time trying my hand at tissue garland.  They're trendy and I can see why.  Such an easy and inexpensive way to add color and impact to a party.  You can't tell but it was strung on metallic thread which I loved.  

Well that's it! This really could have been two posts but I'm getting tired! (Hopefully you aren't!).  I have one more to share of the birthday girl, cake set up, and a few party people!

If you want to see all the details and most resources, check out these posts: The invitation. Activities.  Dessert Buffet

Sources and Tutorials: Most resources are already listed in the prior posts but if you see something you have a question about please ask! I tried to link DIY tutorials used within the body of this post so if you're like me and don't really read entire posts (and mine are wordy. I know.) then take a look at the description if you're curious!

Event Styling: Tiffany/ The Taste{Full} Life.
Photography: Captured nh. and Tiffany/ The Taste{Full} Life.
Library Cards + Sleeves: Wrapworks on Etsy. 

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  1. Nice Work and Great idea's. I'm sure all your parties will be fun and memorable for all.