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our BIG announcement.

8:00 AM

We’re CRAZY!  We’re having another baby!  

We are thrilled (and a tiny bit scared!) to add another DeLangie babe to our brood. 

It's still surreal! But I got to see my tiny babe's heart beating at just 6 weeks (I'm 12 weeks now). I'm still amazed at our Creator whenever I have ultrasounds.  A BEATING heart at just 6 weeks?!  

Everyone who knows me knows I want a son...but seriously look at my sweet girls.  A 3rd girl would be super fun.
Nadia wants a baby brudder and Genevieve is very decisive about needing another baby sister.  

After watching mommy and daddy kiss and take pictures, Nadia was all about it!  I'm not gonna lie- their kiss looks way cuter than ours ♥

We are beyond blessed! 

Happy Friday!

Photography: Tiffany DeLangie
Printable Pregnancy Announcement Signs: Kindertype. So cute and an amazing value!  I printed them at FedEx office for a whopping $6. But I'd suggest printing multiple copies so you don't have a heart attack every time your kid clutches one with that look in her eye... 
Wardrobe: I don't think you care about our wardrobe- it's all from Target, Gap, and American Eagle. Except for Joe's Lacoste sweater which maybe was from Nordstrom?

But I have to tell you where my yellow sweater (which I wear weekly- sometimes multiple times per week. shhh don't tell) is from. I just discovered it and am a recent affiliate. It's from Sheinside.com and I could spend loads of money there! I love their fun stuff, free shipping (though be warned- it takes a while), and affordable prices! Definitely a source to add to your list!
*some affiliate links included

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  1. OMG....YAY for the DeLangie Famly. Super excited for you :) :) :)

  2. Congratulations again!!!! I am sooooo excited for you guys and the girls, not to mention for me. I love being a grandmother and every time is like I am a grandmother for the first time again!!! This time I will be here to welcome you home and cook loads of meals! I love guys!!!!

    1. I told you what Joe said when I told him right-- "Thank God your mom is here" lol. We love you!

  3. I commented from my phone this morning, but I don't see it! Congrats!!!! Cute pictures and love the one of the girls hiding behind the signs! :)

    1. Thank you friend! And thanks for taking the time to pull out the laptop to comment! ;)

  4. Congratulations!! Fingers crossed that you get your boy.

  5. Congrats. So happy for ya'll (a little Texas twang for ya). But really I'm just jealous that I can't pull of that gorgeous yellow you are wearing.

  6. Congratulations. Your announcement was so adorable. Happy and Healthy 9 months.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo