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Stella & Dot Giveaway!

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I'm so excited to introduce you to a longtime friend, Sheria Clarke. I met Sheria forever ago while we were both camp counselors at Kids Across America.  I'm so thankful we've stayed in touch!  Sheria is a stylish fashionista who I always look to for the latest trends. (Go check out her Style Pinterest board).

When Sheria approached me about doing a giveaway on Taste{Full} of AH-Mazing Stella and Dot merchandise, I wiped the drool off my face was like YES PLEASE! I have to say the more giveaways I do, the more I love to do them!  It's so fun to win free stuff--especially free stuff as awesome as these great prizes!

To start, I thought it would be fun for you to learn a little about how Sheria got involved with Stella and Dot (don't worry- we'll get to the drool worthy prizes soon).  So without further ado: 

Q: Why did you become a stylist?
A: I loved the products and found myself building a collection. Since I was always telling my friends about the pieces that I loved, I thought it was a natural transition to become a stylist!

Q: What do you love about Stella and Dot?
A: I love that it empowers women to take charge of their lives! This company is all about making women feel beautiful, successful, and accomplished! What's not to love about that? Plus our pieces are to die for.

Q: What is life like as a Stella and Dot stylist? 

A: Flexible! I love that I am in control of how much or little time I have to put into my business each month. 

Q: How do I become a stylist?
A: Easy! You can sign up through my website And just for the month of February you will get a free bag when you sign up! 

Um, is anyone else thinking of signing up?!  Seriously!  

Ok now for how to win some FREE stuff!

Up for grabs is your choice of a pouf OR a pair of Nancy or Janice studs- you choose. 

Side note: I have the pouf on the left and LOVE the fun ethnic print and quality textured wipe-able material. I also tried out the green Janice studs and feel like I could wear them every day.  They class up any outfit (does saying "class up" negate being classy?  hmmm) and I even find the green to be a bright pop of color that matches almost everything! I'm in love. And I'm not kidding- I'm seriously considering becoming a stylist!

Everything you need is in the Rafflecopter Widget, but here is some info to be aware of:

1. The first two entries are mandatory.  The rest are optional entries, boosting your chances to win!

2. There are two pros to purchasing through the link provided.  First, if you make a $50+ purchase you will qualify for exclusive deals at 50% off (see image above)!  Second, you will be automatically entered into a separate giveaway to win $25 worth of merchandise from Sheria's Stella & Dot site!  

Enter Now! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Disclaimer: I received a pair of studs and a pouf to review. No financial compensation was received.  All opinions are my own.**

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  1. I think I did it wrong haha! Was it any of the "studs" on her site or just between the 2 in the picture. Lol don't judge me!!

    1. you're funny! It doesn't matter really- the point was just to get you to the site. ;) good luck!